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Mocha Peppermint Now In Hattiesburg

Mocha Peppermint - Corner Market - Hattiesburg - Mississippi Cold Drip
Our Mocha Peppermint is available at Corner Market in Hattiesburg

We’re excited to announce that Mocha Peppermint is available in two Corner Market locations in Hattiesburg—Bellevue Corner Market on US Highway 98 and Hardy Street Corner Market!

Mississippi Cold Drip Mocha Peppermint coffee concentrate is a delicious way to enjoy Mississippi Cold Drip coffee concentrate for the holidays. None of our flavored coffees has any added sugar, so you can take your coffee however you want—with just an essence of flavor, with milk for a light sweetness or add your favorite sweetener to bring out a bolder holiday taste!

Mocha Peppermint is great cold or hot; just add milk for a tasty treat with a little kick, or boil some water and add it to the concentrate for a warm winter treat.

(Oh, and Mocha Peppermint has no problem mixing into your favorite adult cocktails as well; try it in any drink that calls for coffee!)

Saturday, November 16, 2018, from 9am-3pm, we’ll have live demos going in both Corner Market locations where Mocha Peppermint is now served.

Come see us and try this flavor in The Hub City!

(Not in or headed to Hattiesburg? Buy Mocha Peppermint, or any other flavor, online.)

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