Our Story

Welcome to Mississippi Cold Drip, where we craft the finest cold brew coffee with passion and tradition right in the heart of Midtown, Jackson, MS. Born from a love of deep, smooth flavors, our team is dedicated to brewing an elevated coffee experience with every bean.

Just like the unhurried pace of southern charm, our cold brew is SLOW BREWED FOR SMOOTH SIPPIN’. The slow steeping process allows the coffee to extract flavors gradually, resulting in a brew that is both bold and remarkably smooth. It’s a testament to the Mississippi-way of life – where taking the time to appreciate the moment is as important as the goals ahead.

At MS Cold Drip, we prioritize quality at every step, from selecting the finest coffee beans to our unrushed cold brewing process. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every sip of Mississippi Cold Drip is a celebration of flavor, creating a coffee experience like no other.

Discover the unparalleled taste of Mississippi Cold Drip, where every drop is a testament to our commitment to excellence, community, and the love of exceptional coffee.

Pull up a seat and stay a while, we are glad you’re here!

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