Cold brew Coffee Concentrate

Coffee Concentrate - 16 ozMississippi Cold Drip Original Coffee Concentrate is made with Specialty-grade Columbian Excelso beans.

The slow brew accounts for the robust flavor, high caffeine content and less acidity, which makes for a delicious cup of coffee any time of the year. The ground coffee beans steep in triple filtered reverse osmosis water for 24 hours, without heat, and then filtered.

By not using heat, the concentrate has lower acidic levels that allow for a fuller taste to the consumer. Heat brewed coffee’s high acidity damages taste buds before the consumer is able to enjoy the flavor. The beans are roasted immediately prior to brewing for maximum flavor.

The coffee is bottled and sold in two different retail sizes:

  • 32-ounce bottle (which makes 96 ounces of coffee)
  • 16-ounce bottle (which makes 48 ounces of coffee)

We also offer a 64 oz. bottle wholesale to restaurants only. The concentrate can be diluted to the customer’s preference; the suggested serving is one part concentrate and two parts hot or cold water or milk.

Recommended Recipe:
1/3 cup of Coffee Concentrate and 2/3 cup of milk