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Health Benefits of Cold Brew

Our collection of MS Cold Drip Concentrate isn’t just a uniquely brewed, delicious, and easy to make alternative to your usual coffee making routine-did you know it may also have health benefits to offer from being a cold brewed coffee? Our Coffee Concentrate is made with Specialty-grade beans; the beans are roasted immediately prior to brewing to account for maximum flavor. The coffee is slowly brewed, which accounts for its robust flavor, high caffeine content and less acidity; and, by not using heat, has lower acidic levels-as opposed to heat brewers coffee, which causes high acidity that damages a consumers taste buds before the true flavor is able to be enjoyed. As a cold brewed coffee, our Concentrate’s may offer a handful of health benefits that are thought to come from the cold brew style. For example, improved digestion, accelerated weight loss, boosted metabolism, and improved heart health!