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MS Cold Drip “Royal Flush” Bundle

So, you’ve heard about MS Cold Drip’s new coffee Bundles; the “Royal Flush” selection in particular caught your eye, and now you want to know more-well you’ve come to the right place! Our “Royal Flush” bundle is created for those interested in all that the MS Cold Drip menu has to offer, and simply can’t make a choice between them! With the “Royal Flush” you no longer have to make that impossible decision; enjoy a bottle of every single perfectly brewed cold drip concentrate we have when you grab this bundle! This includes the classic “Original” Cold Brew, “Mill St. Vanilla”, “Salted Caramel”, “Hazelnut”, “Mississippi Mocha”, “Mississippi Turtle”, “Mocha Peppermint”, along with the addition of our “Chai Tea” concentrate and “Ray au Lait” sweetener. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any of our unique flavors with this bundle! This collection allows for the perfect opportunity to indulge in our full menu of flavor profiles, using the “Royal Flush” to go home with the whole delicious pot; perfect for newcomers to our concentrate, as well as long time fans, this expansive flavor experience is now just one click away-so what are you waiting for? Try out the MS Cold Drip “Royal Flush” bundle today!