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How Cold Drip Coffee Started

MS Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate is another entry in the long and diverse history of cold drip coffee. We’ve studied what’s come before us to better create a delicious and unique cold brew for our customers today. While enjoying our Coffee Concentrate, have you ever wondered how cold drip started? MS Cold Drip has a rich multicultural history, which extends to its origins. While there is some debate on the exact origins, due to having no concrete records of the time, it is suggested that the Dutch traveled with a potent cold brew coffee concentrate since it would be easier to make and drink on long voyages. The Dutch had good trade relationships with the Japanese around the 1600’s and are thought to have Introduced this concentrate to them. Japan took to the cold brew coffee process running. With a pre established history of cold brewing tea using fresh cold river water, they expanded to using this method with coffee as well. While it remains unclear exactly how it evolved from cold brewing coffee to the cold drip method, it became wildly popular in Japan, especially so in Kyoto; so popular that it was named “Kyoto style” coffee, and records of it have been found dating back to the 1600’s. They elevated it to an art form, creating elegant towers in Kyoto to allow one drop of water to travel through the coffee grounds at a time. Could you have guessed that Cold Drip has such interesting origins? And dates back so far? We’re proud to keep the tradition of the process alive in our own Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate!