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Slow Brewed for Smooth Sippin'!

3 Morning Brews Anyone Can Make

Do you crave that rush of caffeine in the morning, but dread the time sink of having to go through all the steps of brewing your morning cup of coffee when you could be getting a few more winks of beloved shut eye before you have to start the day? We at MS Cold Drip understand and that’s why our coffee concentrate comes together in just a few steps to make a delicious cup of morning coffee for you to enjoy. To put our money where our mouth is, here’s an example of 3 morning coffees, using our coffee concentrate, that anyone can make! To start off simple, we’ll introduce our original MS Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate; made with Specialty-grade beans, this cold brew is slow brewed, accounting for the robust flavor, high caffeine content and lowered acidity. The suggested serving size for our concentrate is one part concentrate to two parts water or milk, and can be prepared hot or cold. So, mix together with your preferred diluter, serve over ice or throw in the microwave, and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup of morning coffee in just under 3 steps! Want to get a little fancy and make yourself a Mocha? Grab a bottle of our signature “Mississippi Mocha” concentrate and you’re ready to go! Preparation instructions are the same, both in dilution ratios and choices as well as hot or cold options. Looking for a little more sweetness? Consider adding some whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top! For a more festive iteration on the classic Mocha, we also offer a “Mocha Peppermint ” concentrate as well-follow all the same instructions and you’re in business. It’s a real crowd pleaser! For our third and final morning coffee anyone can make, we suggest the “Salted Caramel” concentrate; a crowd pleasing classic that’s sure to wake you up! As always, the dilution and heating options are the same; we recommend pouring a splash of your favorite milk-option in the cup to bring it all together. MS Cold Drip truly makes it easy as ever to get your morning caffeine rush without losing delicious flavor; try out our concentrate and let us know your easy morning recipe in the comments!

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