Coffee Concentrate FLAVORS

Mississippi Cold Drip Flavors

Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate Flavors are made the same way our regular Coffee Concentrate is brewed with Specialty-grade Columbian Excelso beans.

The slow brew accounts for the robust flavor, high caffeine content and less acidity, which makes for a delicious cup of coffee any time of the year. The ground coffee beans steep in triple-filtered reverse-osmosis water for 24 hours, without heat, and then filtered.

We then add all-natural infused flavors to the coffee, with no sugar or artificial sweetener. The result is a hint of flavor that can be brought out by adding cold or steamed milk to the flavored coffee. For a richer flavor, you can add you own choice of sweetener.

The concentrate can be diluted to the customer’s preference; the suggested serving is one part concentrate and two parts hot or cold water or milk.