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Unique Ways to Sweeten Your Cold Brew without Sugar

Are you a fan of cold brew coffee, but also have a sweet tooth? Looking for unique ways to sweeten your usual cup without the use of sugar? Well look no further! Our crew at MS Cold Drip has gathered a list of options on the most unique ways to sweeten up your daily cold brew to best satiate your sweetness cravings.

For fans of more classical sweetening agents in the form of syrups, caramel, maple syrup or chocolate sauce are fun go to options. If you’re looking for something in the dairy family, condensed milk and coconut cream have been seeing popularity! For something a little more outside the box, try hot cocoa mix or hot fudge to get that extra sweet kick. For the true “creme dela creme” in sweetening options, you could even add a scoop of ice cream to your favorite cold brew-can’t get much sweeter than that!

One of the most unique options we can offer is MS Cold Drips’ very own sweetening agent; the “Ray Au Lait ” Caramel Sweetener. A luxurious and creamy blend of brown sugar and caramel is an excellent alternative to plain sugar, and creates a cup of cold brew that is pure bliss.

Now that you have some options laid out, we hope you’ll give some of them a try. And remember, don’t be afraid to experiment-we’d love to hear about your own unique ways of sweetening your coffee, so be sure to leave a comment on what you use!