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Mississippi Cold Drip Grows Distribution in the Southeast

Over the past two years or so, we’ve had some really good success selling Mississippi Cold Drip in Whole Foods stores in Jackson, Miss., the Memphis area, Birmingham and Montgomery, Ala. As a result of sales and the loyalty of our customers, Whole Foods has given Mississippi Cold Drip the green light to expand our presence in Whole Foods locations throughout the Southeastern United States.

Recent expansion includes new stores in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro and Charleston, with more to come as store managers make orders and we deliver them.

Here’s a look at where we’ve expanded in the past few months:


Mississippi Cold Drip is in two locations in Nashville, Tenn., the Whole Foods – Green Hills and Whole Foods – Nashville Downtown.

Whole Foods - Nashville_Broadway - Mississippi Cold Drip
Mississippi Cold Drip products are in Whole Foods -Nashville Downtown.


We’re in two locations in Atlanta currently, Whole Foods – Chamblee and Whole Foods – Merchants Walk in Marietta.

Whole Foods Marietta - Mississippi Cold Drip
Our products are in the cooler with other cold brew coffee in Marietta, Ga.


Mississippi Cold Drip coffee concentrate is in Charlotte, NC, at the Whole Foods – Uptown Charlotte.

Whole Foods Uptown Charlotte - Mississippi Cold Drip


In Greensboro, NC, we’re at one of the best named Whole Foods stores in the country: Whole Foods – Greensboro Friendly.

Greensboro Friendly - Mississippi Cold Drip


In Durham, NC, we’re at the Whole Foods – Durham on Broad Street.

Whole Foods Durham


We’re in the Whole Foods – West Ashley store in Charleston.

Whole Foods Uptown Charlotte - Mississippi Cold Drip


If you live in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North or South Carolina and we’re not in your Whole Foods yet, please request us! Managers are cleared to order from Mississippi Cold Drip and place it in stores in this region. We already know of a few more potential stores that we’ll be announcing soon. Thanks for the support!

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