New Flavors: Mocha, Mocha Peppermint, Turtle, Vanilla and Caramel

New Flavors: Mocha, Mocha Peppermint, Turtle, Vanilla and Caramel

We’re very excited to be launching five new flavors of Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate. Officially they are: Mississippi Mocha, Mocha Peppermint, Mississippi Turtle, Mill Street Vanilla and Salted Caramel.

We’ve been testing each of these flavors for months getting them just right—which makes us extremely proud to be bringing them out now in the spring of 2018. We’ve been offering samples and tests for a while now and we’re loving the reaction.

If you love Mississippi Cold Drip coffee but have been wanting some flavored coffee options—this is your moment!

We’ve been getting feedback as we’ve offered samples at the Mississippi Farmers Market, 1 Million Cups Jackson and other places. Here’s a quick list of answers to some of the questions we’re getting:

  • Are these new sweeteners? No… the new flavors are coffee concentrate. If you’re familiar with our Ray Au Lait product, you know that it’s an additional sweetener that you can add to your Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate or Chai Tea recipe. These new flavors are Coffee Concentrate infused with flavor. So, you make a cup the same way you make the original Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate—by adding milk or water to taste (usually 1/3 coffee concentrate, 2/3 milk or water).

  • Is there added sugar in the coffee concentrate for the flavored versions? The new flavors are sugar-free. You’ve find that the flavors are subtle without any sweetener, although drinking coffee concentrate with milk will bring out a little more of the flavor. For additional sweetness and bolder flavor, add sugar, honey, stevia or any sweetener you prefer.

  • Is the flavored coffee concentrate only for cold coffee drinks? The flavored coffee concentrate is great hot or cold. Boil water like you would for tea and make a hot coffee (microwave works too) or mix with cold milk and ice for a refreshing iced café au lait. So many options—so much flavor!

Just like regular Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate, the new flavors are made with Specialty Grade Coffee that is ground for us by Northshore Specialty Coffees. These flavors offer a pleasing way to get a fantastic tasting coffee exactly to your specifications.

Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee is sampling these products around the state, including at the Mississippi Farmers Market in downtown Jackson—and they’re available now for purchase online.

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