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Enoy an Affogato with MS Cold Drip [Recipe]

Affogato is a popular Italian dessert using coffee and ice cream-it’s easy to make and a perfect after dinner treat. Since it utilizes coffee as a main component, our MS Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate is perfect for preparing this delicious dessert.

MS Cold Drip Affogato

By MS Cold Drip


  • MS Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate (your preferred choice of flavor)
  • Ice cream (again, you’re choice, but popular options are vanilla, chocolate, and coffee ice cream)
  • Dark chocolate (optional, for grating on top)


  1. Prepare your coffee-usual one shot (1 oz) per person enjoying the affogato
  2. Scoop out your preferred ice cream flavor in your preferred amount of scoops
  3. Pour over the shot of coffee
  4. (Optional) grate some dark chocolate flakes over top
  5. Enjoy!


Affogato is a great dessert blending the strong notes of coffee, with the sweetness of ice cream. If you’ve never had it yourself, grab a bottle of MS Cold Drip Coffee Concentrate and give it a try! Do you have a favorite way to prepare your affogato with our coffee concentrate? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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