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Enjoy a Breve with MS Cold Drip [Recipe]

Breve Coffee is a delicious espresso based drink that utilizes frothed/steamed Half and Half as the pairing component to the coffee as opposed to just milk.  Our Original Coffee Concentrate works as a great substitute for the espresso shots-and since the concentrate can be prepared cold or hot, you can decide whether you’d like to enjoy a regular or Iced Breve!

MS Cold Drip Breve w/ MS Cold Drip

By MS Cold Drip


  • 2 ounces MS Cold Drip Concentrate
  • 2 oz steamed/frothed Half and Half


  1. Pour the espresso into a small glass
  2. Add the steamed half and half over top
  3. Enjoy!

There you have it! A MS Cold Drip Breve, easily made and enjoyed from your home! We’d love to hear about the Breve’s you create with our concentrate-be sure to leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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