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Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails: Mixing Up Your Caffeine Fix

Cold brew coffee isn’t just a great option for your daily morning pick-me-up… it’s a versatile agent that can be utilized in a variety of ways; from cooking and baking, to desserts, and even cocktails! If you haven’t had a chance to get your caffeine fix through a delicious mixed beverage of the alcoholic variety, we at MS Cold Drip have gathered a couple of delicious and easy to make options for you to try at home.

Some of the most well known coffee cocktails are not only delicious but also fairly easy for the average person to make at home. Often it requires your preferred choice of cold brew coffee (we of course recommend our catalog of Cold Drip Concentrates) a paired hard liquor or two, a garnish, and ice! Some delicious options in this category are an “Irish Iced Coffee”, “Espresso Martini”, “Cold Brew White Russian”, and a” Coffee Old Fashioned.”

For something a bit more ingredient intensive, but no less delicious, you can try your hand at a “Long Island Iced Coffee”, a “Black Hole Sun”, or the “Siciliano Cocktail.” These coffee cocktails take a bit more time and care to put together, but the delicious brews are certainly worth it.

But don’t just take our word for it! Try your hand at making your own coffee cocktail and let us know the results; did you give our recommendations a try? Or found something completely new to give a go? Let us know in the comments!