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Creating the Perfect Cold Brew Ratio

When creating your perfect cup of cold brew coffee, nothing can be more important to keep in mind than the ratios; how much water to use? How much coffee? What if you want to use milk rather than water? Is it truly possible to capture cold brew perfection in your coffee cup?

Well, wonder no longer! MS Cold Drip has already done all the important calculations for you to expertly utilize our Coffee Concentrate to create the perfect cup of Cold Brew-anytime, anywhere.

The ratio is actually quite simple, and we even include it in the instructions for all of our cold drip concentrate options-with minor edits for our chai tea variation. To achieve our high quality standard cup of delicious cold brew, simply measure out the suggested ratio as follows; one part concentrate and two parts hot or cold water or milk. This ratio maintains the boldness of the coffee concentrate, while softening its intensity for a delectable experience.

Of course, we encourage experimentation to suit individual preferences-everyone’s taste is different after all! We’d love to hear your custom ratios for creating your perfect cup of cold brew; be sure to let us know in the comments!