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Mississippi Cold Drip Launches in Little Rock, Hot Springs

We are thrilled to announce that Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee & Tea Co. is now being sold at Kroger locations in Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years and is quickly taking over the traditional hot coffee market. At Mississippi Cold Drip, we specialize in producing cold-drip coffee and tea in a variety of flavors. Our coffee concentrates are made with Specialty-grade Columbian Excelso beans, sourced from worldwide growers, and crafted with rigorous standards. Our flavor-infused coffee products do not contain sugar or sweetener — for a delicious cup of coffee or tea with a naturally sweet flavor or that you can sweeten with your favorite solution! And our customers swear by out unique Chai Tea concentrate.

We are excited to provide Kroger customers in Little Rock with our fresh cold-drip coffee and tea and hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as we do! Find Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee & Tea Co. on the shelves of Kroger locations in Little Rock, Arkansas, and select other locations today. Visit the store locator today to find the closest location near you.

Can’t find a location near you? No problem. We offer online ordering and delivery as well as subscriptions to our most popular coffee and tea bundles. Now you can subscribe, get a discount, and automatically receive Mississippi Cold Drip coffee concentrate and Chai Tea at your home or office.

Check us out in your local store and watch our Facebook page ( and other social media channels to learn when we’ll be having live demos in Arkansas stores.

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